Backup and Recovery

Terahost provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud. Let us take care of your backup management and monitoring for you.

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Terahost Backup encrypts all your data before it uploads it for storage.

Off Site

Store backups off site for maximum safety and security


Setup suitable schedules for backup with Continuous Data Protection


Reduce the size of your backups for maximum efficiency

An Essential Part Of Your Business

Anyone who has ever experienced a computer or server failure knows the importance of a backup and recovery plan.

In fact, a study conducted by IBM showed that companies that weren't able to resume operations after data loss within ten days or less were not likely to survive.

Fortunately a solid backup and recovery strategy with Terahost isn't expensive and makes robust backup no longer an option, but an essential.
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Cloud Backup

The number one reason to have regular backups is that it gives you the ability to restore your files in the event of a problem. This could be anything from

  • Files being accidentally deleted
  • Physical damage
  • Theft
  • Hard drive failure
  • Server failures
  • Viruses such as ransomware which block access to your files through encryption unless you pay a ‘ransom'

    Backup protects you and your business.
Backup and Recovery Terahost
Backup and Recovery Terahost


Backing up data is meaningless without a recovery plan.

Not just a plan, but an efficient strategy that is proven to work quickly and effectively. We’ll work with you to come up with a robust and efficient recovery plan in the event of failure, fire, theft or malware.

Disaster can strike at any time, knowing you have it covered when it does will give you and your clients complete piece of mind. Letting you focus on running your business.

Backup & Recovery

Backup gives you piece of mind knowing that whatever happens you can go back to where you were and have your business up and running quickly and efficiently.
Of businesses have no backup in place
Every 40 seconds a company is a victim of ransomware
Of businesses with no backup fold after serious data loss

We Are So Passionate About Backups We Developed Our Own Solution

In line with our mission to serve our clients in the best way possible, our team developed a custom backup application called Teraback. This gives us the features and control we need to effectively monitor and manage all your backups.
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