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Terahost can help you with all your hardware upgrades and software requirements. Including Office 365.

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IT Hardware & Software choices can be overwhelming. Let us guide and support you

  • New Hardware Upgrades - PC's, Laptops and peripherals to suit all budgets.
  • Future Growth Planning - Building your IT requirements to suit where your business will be, not just where you are now.
  • Software Requirements - Good software setup correctly makes day to day business operations easier.
  • Leasing Options - A perfect solution to avoid large capital outlays and keep cash flow.
  • Full Support - Clients love us for our excellent support, and you will too!
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Authorised Microsoft Partners

Terahost are an authorised Microsoft partner, which means your business can enjoy Office 365 at deeply discounted rates.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience working with the office suite of tools. This allows us to provide you with substantial support and recommend best practices for your business to get the most out of Office 365's features and functionality.
Hardware & Software Terahost


As authorised Microsoft partners we can supply and support a wide range of Microsoft products that suit the day to day operations of your business. Office 365 is very popular and our clients can benefit from discounted licensing fees. Why not give us a call and see how much you could save through Terahost?


Looking to upgrade or expand your existing IT hardware setup? Whether it’s a single PC or a whole new infrastructure requirement we can help you get the very best for your budget. Getting you just the right specification of equipment to match your future plans without overspending unnecessarily.


We understand that companies are often reluctant to upgrade because of the up front capital requirement. We can help with this burden by leasing equipment to you, packaged with full support. This gives you complete piece of mind without the upfront capital requirement of outright purchase.
Hardware & Software Terahost
Hardware & Software Terahost
Hardware & Software Terahost
Hardware & Software Terahost
Hardware & Software Terahost

Your Hardware & Software - Handled

Looking for some guidance, advice or prices for your hardware or software requirements?
Give us a call today and let us know what you're thinking of. We'll help guide you to IT perfection (without breaking the bank).
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