What you need to know about Malware

All about Malware

We all know that in this digital and virtual world, security is vital. Not only does it ensure that our most important data is protected but also that our personal information or perhaps business reputation is protected too.
There is one huge enemy when it comes to internet and digital security. That is Malware. But what is Malware, why is it such a bad thing and what can you do to stop it?

What is Malware?

In its most basic form, Malware is a piece of malicious software. It is a piece of software that has been designed and written with the sole intent or doing harm. This harm could be to data, to device, to businesses and of course to people too.
Malware comes in a variety of forms, some of the most common that you may have heard of include Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Ransomware too.

Usually, Malware is used by criminal organisations in order to make money, damage reputations or perhaps just grow awareness of themselves, however, they can also be used for a variety of different reasons.
Examples of serious Ransomware attacks
Ransomware is a type of Malware that is there to lock down a computer, before threatening to erase everything, or perhaps share anything it finds, unless a ransom is paid. This is often the type of Malware that frightens businesses the most, as it can have a huge detrimental effect on not just your reputation but also your customers too.
In recent times there have been a number of high profile cases of Ransomware attacks in the media. In the UK the biggest one had to be the WannaCry Ransomware which spread around during May 2017. It had a number of targets including public utilities and large corporations, however, the organisation that it hit the hardest has to have been the NHS, where it caused chaos for a number of patients and staff.

How do you stop Malware?

So, now you know more about Malware and the impact that it can have, you are likely to want to know about how you can stop it. As each different type of Malware has its own way of infecting and damaging the computers that it finds its way onto, there are a variety of different ways to remove them.
However, security really starts with prevention. You should always install a top quality anti-malware software onto your computer, which, if kept updated, will offer you protection against some of these different strains.
You should also be aware of how to keep yourself protected. This means getting into good online habits such as not opening emails from unknown sources or limiting your downloads to places that you know well.
If you do this, then you should stay protected, no matter what Malware may try to make its way to you!

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