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5 Tips for creating a strong password

5 Tips for Creating a Strong Password and Remembering It

These days it seems as though everything has a password but in the world we live in, keeping as much of our data as secure as possible will prevent theft and loss. Of course, choosing a password is not as simple as choosing a single word as you are often required to use an array of letters, numbers and symbols all of which will be of varying lengths. This can often mean that you find it difficult to choose a different password each time as well as the most important part – remembering it.

The following tips will enable you to create a password that will not only help to protect your data but also help you to remember it.

Instead of letters, use symbols and numbers:

Passwords that contain four letters can be hacked in just a few minutes, even if they contain uppercase and lowercase letters. It is often the case where many people use the same password for different sites, which means that a hacker can easily gain access to more data once they have cracked one password – this data could include bank accounts, social media and email accounts. Therefore, opting for an eight-character password that consists of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters as well as symbols will ensure that your data is protected even further.
Remembering this password could be a case of using memorable word or a place such as:
GreenField – Gr33nF13Ld
Ben Nevis – B3N N3V15

Create sentences with letters and numbers

You can enhance the complexity of a password through incorporating a wide range of characters to form a sentence. Enhancing the complexity in this way can really improve the strength of a password making it harder to hack than a single word.
Using a memorable sentence can help you to remember it such as:
I ate 4 Eggs – I84Eggs

Use a word that means something to you

This is all about obscurity because it will mean that this password is something different to the usual but something personal to you, so it will be harder to hack. Hackers often work by chance and will often make some kind of educated guess to get it right but if you chose to use personal information, all of a sudden it becomes more difficult for them to hack and even guess.
Remembering something that is personal to you is a lot easier than a random word such as:
First Holiday and the year – 2010Morocco
Favourite Food – 15Lasagne

Use Letters and Numbers to Create a Full Phrase

Creating a password that uses a memory aid is one great way of creating a strong password that is secure for a number of reasons. If the phrase is something memorable to you then you will not forget it and you won’t need to write it down. This is also a password that is easy to remember due to the fact that you use the first letter of each word and incorporate numbers where applicable.

An example of this would be:

I love to Walk in long Grass – IL2WilG
My birthday is 13 December – Mbi13D

Create Patterns from a Keyboard

This is fairly simple and can be easy to remember while creating a complex password. You could create the shape of the letter W starting on number 2, which would make the password 2wsxdr5tgbhu8. It looks complicated and will be extremely difficult to hack but is simple to remember plus there are many different patterns that you can use.

Ultimately a password is only as strong as you make it! For any more cyber security help or guidance give us a call.

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