Blancco Data Erasure

BLANCCO Data Erasure

In today’s Terahost blog, we are going to introduce and talk about one of our partners Blancco, who in a nutshell provide military grade software for data erasure.

What does this mean?

Data that is stored on Hard drives, Solid State Drives, USB Drives, Flash Drives and Mobile Devices and all have inbuilt options to delete the data that is stored on them, whether that’s by performing a factory reset or simply to select all data on the disk and moving to the Recycle Bin and emptying it.

The storage media now being empty should be enough right?

Well not quiet…you see, just as there are companies and various software on the market to ensure that data cannot be recovered, there are individuals who scour recycle centres for used equipment and online market sites such as eBay for used drives and devices in the hope they can recover wiped data that may be of use to them or for the data to be sold online.

It’s not all dark, there are also professional companies who do fantastic jobs to provide a service to recover or salvage lost/deleted data, albeit quite an expensive investment, they have the tools to drill deep and get data back that you thought was gone forever.

With Blancco, there is 0% chance of any sort of data being recovered regardless of what technique, equipment or software is being used and it is 100% tamper proof.

So who exactly are Blancco?

Blancco are a company based in the United States whose software meets the most rigorous standards for secure data erasure and mobile device diagnostics as set forth by government agencies across the globe.

These agencies include National Security Agency, Departments of Airforce, Defence and Navy, National Cyber Crime Agency – part of GCHQ , NATO and many other national and departmental agencies.

In addition to their certifications and approvals, Blancco solutions help organisations stay compliant by satisfying data privacy and data security within a number of regulations, laws and guidelines which include the Data Protection Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) amongst others.

Blancco offers the only software approved for HDD’s, SSD’s and have a U.S patented erasure method which is one of a kind. Blancco Data Eraser solutions provide thousands of organisations with an absolute line of defence against costly security breaches, as well as verification of regulatory compliance though a 100% tamper proof audit trail.

Blancco Data Erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 18 governing bodies around the world. No other security firm can boast this level of compliance with the most rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories

Their products include:

Drive Eraser – Though a patented SSD erasure process, organisations now have a secure method to erase data on storage devices – regardless of underlying technology.

Mobile Device Eraser – Blancco mobile device erasure software allows organisations, mobile service providers and re-sellers to permanently erase all data from smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Windows phones and Blackberry operating systems, ensuring sensitive data is not exposed after mobile devices are disposed of, recycled, traded or resold.

File Eraser – Erase sensitive files and folders from PC desktop computers, laptops and servers. Whilst shredding or wiping software may delete some data, Blancco File Eraser securely erases files and folders to comply with the most stringent requirements to ensure that sensitive data has been securely and permanently removed.

Removable Media Eraser – Permanently erase data from removable media including USB drives, SD cards, micro drives, Compact Flash cards and other flash memory storage types.

When you send your equipment or devices to Terahost to be disposed of or to be wiped as a lot of our customers do, we are confident we are using the best product available on the market to destroy data safely and securely. We even provide a certificate of proof of erasure for every device we wipe.

If you need some devices wiping of data, or in the process of upgrading equipment and need to dispose of old equipment, or simply want to have a chat about this blog, then call us on 0161 327 2829 or Click here to contact us